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  • Switch into More Lucrative Markets with your existing rentals

  • Make More Money while lowering your tenant's expenses

  • Create More Value helping the surrounding community

  • Monetize Untapped Assets and natural resources

Don’t Wait to Start Adding New Residual Cash Flow to Your Rental.

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About the author

Al Williamson

Leading Landlord Blog

I advise owners with large rental portfolios but wanted to make a resource to help everyday landlords too.

Here it is! This book is specifically for you if you want to find more ways to increase your net passive income besides raising rents.

Yes, I Want Get Income From My Rental

What Others Say

  • Genius!

    Lucas Hall., Chief Landordologist,

  • Great Book!! Al has lots of incredible ideas on how to add money to your bottom line. Every landlord needs to read this book

    Dan Lane, Amazon Review

  • Great ideas and ways to create more cash flow and save money. For the young novice property investor as well for the seasoned Landlord!

    Karen Garvin, Amazon Review

  • GREAT IDEAS to make more money on your Real Estate outside the standard "box" - truly new money-making ideas

    J., Amazon Review

  • Great ideas and ways to create more flow and save more money for the young novice property investor as well for the seasond Landlord!

    Klynn., Amazon Review